Five Things You Need To Know

The Five Things You Need to Know About...

Becoming a Strategic Leader
The strategic leader thinks ahead of the organization by learning to ask good questions. Connecting the present and future are essential to this process. Follow-up is essential to action and results.

Leadership by Design
This workshop focuses on the findings of a study into how leaders really develop. Leaders learn, grow and change by getting the right kind of experiences. Discover the five experiences that contribute the most to your development and those around you.

Setting a Leadership Agenda
When trying to get everyone on the same page it helps to have an agenda. It includes the strategy, main message, priorities and critical issues. This workshop will teach you how to set an agenda.

The Art of Collaboration
The task determines the form. It may be the individual, a small group or an alliance required to accomplish the mission. Whatever the form good working relationships are built on trust.

Managing Transition and Change
Change is one thing. Transition or the response to change is another. It's not the change that gets you it's the transition. Learn the classes of change and how to use this understanding to help your organization navigate challenging times.

Developing a Progressive Board
An engaged and progressive board is essential for the growth of the organization. We teach CEOs and boards how to improve their interactions when creating, executing or reviewing strategy.

Succession Management
Succession management is an on-going process involving boards, the chief executive and senior management. It's not just succession at the top but a continuous process designed to get the best fit for every position. Planning for the future requires the nurturing of those who show potential for increased responsibility.

While three 90-minute sessions are recommended for each topic the sessions can be customized to meet your needs.